What’s Cookin’? Stylish Aprons!


New sweater?  Great!  Olive oil smudges on it?  Not so great.  The fix to keeping stylish outfits stylish while whipping something up in the kitchen?  Awesome aprons, of course! Whether we’re hosting a ladies’ night in or getting all Rachael Ray for a mega bash, stylish aprons can be just the thing to protect our outfits and keep us looking […]

Dry Body Brushing: Yay or Nay?

Dry Brushing

Smooth skin is always in.  But getting more energy and detoxing our system while we’re at it?   I’m all for it.   That’s why when I heard about dry body brushing (a.k.a. dry brush skin detox), I was all over it.   So, what is it and how’s it different from the way we’ve been sloughing off dead skin […]

Quiz: What Your Holiday Activities Say about your Style

Winter holiday style quiz

Holiday festivities are in full swing, but let’s take a well-deserved break for a holiday style quiz.   It’s lighthearted and fun, so why not?  Pause from all that wrapping, meal planning and centerpiece arranging and ask yourself 5 questions to determine what your holiday activities say about your style. Are you more inclined to sit by the fire or are you itching […]

How to Wear Leather Pants without Looking Like a Groupie

Celebrities and Leather Pants

There’s no doubt about it:  leather pants are in stores and on celebs this season, making them a must-try look.  Leather pants give off that edgy vibe and when paired with the right top, can make ladies stand out. Think leather pants aren’t for you?  Think again.  I know the word “leather” can send a […]