Staying out of Treble: Music-Inspired Bling Under $50

Music Bling

Ah, music.  From gym playlists to concerts, tunes that let us get our groove on are always good in our book.  Whether we’re chatting about Beyonce’s use of the “B-word” in her latest song “Bow Down,” reminiscing about music from back in the day (oh boy, that would be Def Leppard, Belinda Carlisle and Eddie Money for me) or excited about checking out a new local […]

A Gucci-Inspired Clutch Made of… LEGO Bricks? We Suggest 5 Clutches that Make Us Look Polished, not Plastic!


First the Olsen twins had that whole “let’s decorate bags with prescription pills” thing happening and now, it’s all about LEGO bricks.  This time it’s not an Olsen brainchild, but that of LEGO jewelry and accessories maker, Agnieszka Biernacka (say that three times fast).  Biernacka is selling a limited edition LEGO-made Gucci replica on her site, […]

Green with Envy: 17 Green Pieces for St. Patty’s Day & Beyond

St. Patty's Day Green Pieces

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and like most people, we’re psyched to get our green on.  Big bonus for money-minded fashionistas:  emerald green is Pantone’s Color of the Year, so rather than let that green top gather post-March 17th dust, we get to wear variations of the shade months afterwards without looking Leprechaun-obsessed.

Why Revlon Nail Art is my Must-Have Secret Beauty Weapon

Revlon Nail Art

Anyone who thinks great nail color and design 1) can only be achieved at a salon or 2) is best worn in shades like “buff,” “beige” or “sand” is missing out in the beauty department. Big time. See, I’m a believer in creativity, whether I’m talking about nail color or wall color. In fact, when […]

50 Cheap Designer Shoes Under $100: Who Can Resist?

Designer Shoes Under $100

Great shoes are everywhere, from department stores to the local thrift shop.  But as we all know, there are shoes and then there are. ..  designer shoes.  Our mission is to find cheap designer shoes: ones that keep our bank accounts intact without sacrificing the quality of a sturdily-constructed pair of Marc Jacobs heels.

Animal Instinct: Show off Your Wild Side with Fun, Fierce Animal Accessories

Animal Print Scarf

It can be a zoo out there (two words: Monday morning), so why not embrace life’s wild moments with animal accessories?  Whether we’re on the prowl for a great night out, need some workweek ooomph or are loving some of the animal prints from Mercedez-Benz NYFW, we think the look is a great way to perk up both outfit and […]

Pushing the Envelope? United States Postal Service Announces 2014 Accessories & Apparel Line: Until Then, Here’s What We Recommend

Young Woman Getting Mail From Mailbox

When we think of the United States Postal Service, thoughts of bills and cards from Grandma come to mind.  But accessories and clothes?   Hmmm.   In an effort to combat financial struggles (Saturday delivery ends this summer), the agency recently announced that the USPS line “Rain Heat & Snow” will debut in a variety of department […]

Age-Appropriate Fashion Suggestions: Because Yes, There is Such a Thing as Being “Too Old” to Wear Something

Polar Beanie

Can a woman ever be too old to wear something? Sigh. Usually, I’m a “who says you can’t?” gal, urging ladies to stand up against commony-held fashion beliefs.  White after Labor Day?  Who says we can’t?  A patent leather purse with patent leather shoes?  Who says we can’t?  However, my 38-year-old self has one exception when it comes to certain fashions: Age. […]

Valentine’s Day Red Alternatives: 14 Ways to Look Amazing without Going over the Top

Valentine's Day Red Alternatives

Sure, red is THE color of all things love and romance when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but it’s also so *eyeroll* predictable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about finding love and falling deep in it, but this notion of head to toe Valentine’s Day red is a bit much for me. And while I’m at it, I’m going to […]