Unusual Mothers Day Gifts that are Beautifully Floral-Inspired

John Frieda Collection

Don’t get us wrong — we absolutely adore giving (and receiving!) flowers.  But isn’t it safe to say that a pretty bouquet for Mothers’ Day isn’t the most inventive of gifts?   Sure, a pack of peonies is pure splendor.  And the sweet scent of long stem roses wafts wonderfully to our noses.  But we’d like […]

Fresh-Faced for Spring: Beauty Trends and Tips for Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Tips and Trends

On a recent department store shop session, I found myself lingering — not in the expected end-of-winter-sale-section, but at the please-make-me-pretty makeup counter.  This wasn’t for my usual replenishment of mainstay products.  I had come for a proper sit down.  With the warmer weather on the rise, the time was right to update my beauty […]

Oscars 2013 Fashion

Oscars 2013

Another Academy Awards has gone down in history filled with moments of amaze (FLOTUS!) and moments we kind of expected (Anne Hathaway, again).  There was an offensive host, (we’ve seen your boobs, seriously?)  a stream of spectacular performances, and let’s never forget  — a tie!   But our favorite part was the parade of perfection […]

Fur, Florals, and More: We Recap the Mercedez-Benz New York Fashion Week 2013

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week

Now that NYFW has come to a close, our closet-minded brains have gotten serious about what to covet next from the runways.  Will it be a liquid metallic gown, fox-hemmed cocktail dress, or everything from JCrew?   Unfortunately, these particular pieces won’t be available for another six months, but that doesn’t mean a fashionista should […]

The Dress Code Memo Aftermath: TBF’s Grammy 2013 Fashion Scorecard

Grammys 2013

Things were supposed to be a little different this year at the Grammys  (gasp – no sideboob!).  CBS and the Recording Academy sent out a dress code memo banning a whole list of over-fleshed styling. But that didn’t stop our favorite artists from stirring up the scene.  Whether they played by the rules (Beyoncé) or […]

Bring Your Jeans to the Workplace with These 5 Pay Day-Friendly Style Tips

Office Jeans

Note: This article was inspired by a question from one of our readers, Atisha, who asked: “Hi I’m looking for some fashion advice. I work in IT which can be a physical job. My day can consist of lugging laptops and desktop computers. Some days it also requires me crawling under desk or confined spaces. […]

The Real Winners: TBF’s Golden Globes 2013 Fashion Coverage

Golden Globes 2013 Fashion

The celebs turned on the sparkle for the Golden Globes, and we’re still reeling in the glamour.  Sure, we were left puzzled by a few fashion choices (sorry Halle, but Angie’s leg already claimed that spot!), but overall this awards show was a total success!  Let’s look back at the standout moments from this year’s  […]

How to Update Your Look Without Overloading Your Wallet


So, the champagnes have been popped and the holiday sparkle has settled into a dull shade of grey.  As the cool breeze gets swapped out for an arctic chill it becomes oh-so-clear — winter has hit its stride!  Along with the freezing temps come some serious credit card bills adding up to an exhausted-looking you.  […]