Summerfy Your Skin: 3 Best Skin Exfoliants


Wow. When it finally got warm enough in Chi-town for me to ditch the thick pants, I was left with the reality winter left in its wake. Pasty, crackly skin and don’t even get me started on my feet. Hopefully your Project Exfoliation isn’t as serious as mine, but even if it is, these are […]

Quiz! What’s Your Vacation Style?


Summer is around the corner and people everywhere are getting ready to pack their bags and go on vacation! So where will you go? And once you get there, what will you wear? Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, ugghhh, I already took my vacation; that’s okay you can still use your ideal getaway as […]

Going Brazilian: Tap Into Your Inner Brazilian with These Fashion and Lifestyle Tips


In studies asking the world’s populations by country to rate their happiness, there’s always a clear front winner: the Brazilians. And here’s something they can be even happier about, their economy is growing by leaps and bounds and is expected to soon hold the highest market share in segments like automobiles and beauty and hygiene. […]

TBF Exclusive: Le Look Français – Get Inspired, French Fashion from the Stars of Héros du Nouveau Monde

Nouveau Heros du Monde

If there’s one country that has dictated the fashion world more than any other, it’s of course, France. The daily fashion dictation coming out of this Texas-sized nation has more glam and sophistication than what most countries offer in a century. So when in need of some inspiration of your own, where better to look? To […]