Warning: Cuteness Alert! Baby Budget Fashionista: Adorable Baby Fashion that Won’t Break the Bank

Juliana Leigh Photography

What’s cuter than a fashionable baby? Really not much. After I had my fashion forward baby boy, I quickly learned that he was changing sizes faster than I could say his full name. But as a devotee to making my dude don the best duds (was feeling in the mood for some alliteration) I wasn’t […]

Quiz! What’s Your Favorite Cocktail? Now Dress Like It! Yep, Your Favorite Drink is a Fashion Muse


If you’re anything like me, or the majority of northern-dwelling Americans for that matter, this time of year has you feeling blah. The sky is grey, the flowers are popping up but still far from blooming, and you’re more than ready to bring out your sandals. So you may have to look elsewhere for a fashion […]

How to Dress Up in a Casual Office: 4 Pieces that Take Your Office Look from Blah to Ta-Dah!

Zara Lookbook

Shoulder pads were never my thing, Honey. Thank God I happen to work in a casual office. So you can bet that I know the pros and cons…. er, correction, there really only is one con to working in a casual office: how do I motivate myself to come to work dressed at all?

Going Brazilian: Tap Into Your Inner Brazilian with These Fashion and Lifestyle Tips


In studies asking the world’s populations by country to rate their happiness, there’s always a clear front winner: the Brazilians. And here’s something they can be even happier about, their economy is growing by leaps and bounds and is expected to soon hold the highest market share in segments like automobiles and beauty and hygiene. […]

TBF Exclusive: Le Look Français – Get Inspired, French Fashion from the Stars of Héros du Nouveau Monde

Nouveau Heros du Monde

If there’s one country that has dictated the fashion world more than any other, it’s of course, France. The daily fashion dictation coming out of this Texas-sized nation has more glam and sophistication than what most countries offer in a century. So when in need of some inspiration of your own, where better to look? To […]