How to Put Together a Minimalist Wardrobe


Minimalism is the rage of boutique hotels and architects, of interior designers and Swedish furniture, but you don’t hear much when it comes to minimalist wardrobe. But you should. Less is more and that’s a hard concept for us to digest sometimes when we’re inundated with ads that tell us to buy because we deserve […]

What to Eat for Clear Skin

Courtney Lochner

Is it wine? Please say it’s wine! This is the million dollar question right? What to eat for clear skin? Is it that simple? Can we really eat our way to smooth, silky, pimple-free skin? The answer isn’t a hard yes, but it’s not a no either. And I should know, I’ve spent my life […]

3 Global Trends to Try Now

Rynek Glowny by Courtney Lochner

I love people watching like it’s my job and when I travel, all the better. From the second I step into an international airport, my eyes are busy scanning everyone and taking note of their style. Stepping out with a fresh stamp on my passport, I continue to trek to understand the local lay of […]

Hats Off to Summer: Advice from the Pro!

Loreta Corsetti

I love hats and boy, do I need them in summer. You may be thinking this sounds weird since, obviously I’d need a warm hat more in the winter months of Chicago but don’t forget—pigmentation, my friends! Exposing yourself even with 1,789 so-called SPF, your face is still at risk for splotchy pigmentation problems, so […]