Top Beauty Trends for 2012

There’s nothing like a new year to feel renewed and rejuvenated. One great way to start fresh is to give yourself a beauty makeover. We’re not talking about an ultra expensive spa session. Instead, check out the new trends for 2012 and learn some of the makeup and beauty techniques that hit the red carpet […]

Five Great Shampoos (on a Budget)

There’s a bazillion shampoos out there and it’s hard to determine which ones work. While we all have our favorites, there’s really no reason to spend a small fortune on shampoo. So we put together our favorite shampoos under $10. Tip: Save even more money by using less shampoo (just a tiny dime sized amount).

Five Ways to Wear a Ponytail


Look we’re major fans of the ponytail- their easy to wear and require little prep time. However, wearing the same old ponytail can be, ummm, a bit boring. So we put together five different ways to wear a ponytail. Five Ways to Wear a Ponytail 1. The Wrap Around  Source: Remember this old favorite? […]