How to Pop Pimples Without The Scars (You Know You’re Guilty, Too!)

How to Pop Pimples Without The Scars

Credit: Yeah, so we all pop our pimples. We’re not supposed to. Doctors say not to. Yet, each and every one of us finds ourselves staring into the bathroom mirror, fingers ready to fix those pesky problems ourselves. So, if all of us are going to do it anyway, we might as well be […]

Little Masterpieces: Art For Your Nails

Art For Your Nails

Credit: WAH Nails/ Like makeup for your face, polish on your nails allows you to create a little bit of art every day. Lately, magazines and the blogosphere have been full of fabulous inspiration for nail art. From sleek polish combinations that are work-ready to wild colors that only some our most favorite celebrities can […]

Strut Your Stuff this Summer Without the Sweat Spots

Summer Without the Sweat Spots

Credit: Bitten and Bound Don’t you just hate it when you spend time getting dressed up cute for work in your fabulous clothes and shoes, only to have that quick walk to your office leave you drenched in sweat? Seriously, we love you, summer, for your beach days and open- toe sandals, but must the […]

Want Perfect Eyebrows? Then Read This…..

Scarlett Johansson

Credit: Gareth Cattermole/ The secret to perfect eyebrows? The eyebrow pencil. I’m always surprised by how many of my friends go without an eyebrow pencil in their daily makeup routine. Even if you are blessed with gorgeous, full eyebrows, an eyebrow pencil can be just the ticket to get a nice, complete makeup look. Your […]

We’ll Take Our Morning Hair with Half-and-Half: How to Make Half-Up/Half-Down Hair Hip

Half Up-Half Down Hair

Credit: Stud Center The half-up/half-down hairstyle has always been my go-to look for many reasons. First, let’s face it– I can’t stand it when my hair gets in my face. I’ve tried, ladies, trust me, but my day just goes better when I’m not fidgeting with my hair. So half- up/half-down it is. It’s a […]

Sexy, Smokey Eyes in 5 Minutes or Less

Instant Smokey Eyes

Credit: Posh 24 You’ve seen smokey eyes on women everywhere, from celebrities on the red carpet to your girlfriends on a fabulous night out. It might seem like a complicated look with a few separate colors and shimmery accents going on. But here’s a little secret – it’s not. In fact, you can achieve a […]

Sass & Class: 10 Southern Style Blogs We Love

Southern Femme

There’s just something about the South that inspires incredible fashion and style. The easy, slow paced life mixed with beautiful people and upscale events makes for some great blogging material. Below are our top picks for the best Southern style blogs around. These bloggers wear amazing clothes and share beautiful, inspiring pictures that will keep […]

7 Easy Tips for Great Beauty Sleep

Easy Tips for Great Beauty Sleep

Credit: Mislav Marohnic/Flickr By now, you’ve probably heard a million times how important sleep is for your health and your overall quality of life. But, hey, we know that work and life stresses often impede the amount of quality sleep you can get. So, how can you ensure that you can fall asleep easily and […]

10 Beauty Blogs You’re Missing Out On

10 Beauty Blogs You’re Missing Out On

Credit: Shutterstock We absolutely love reading other blogs, especially beauty blogs, to get great ideas on makeup or read new product reviews. We also love to get beauty information whether it’s medical in nature, a fabulous tip, or just a simple tutorial. Of course what really makes a great beauty blog is the people behind […]

The Real Beauty Benefits of Sleep

The Real Beauty Benefits of Sleep

Source: Sxld/Flickr When your mother told you to go get your beauty sleep, she wasn’t joking. We all know that sleep is important for our health. That much is true, especially if you know how you look and feel after pulling an all nighter. But did you realize how much sleep actually affects and improves […]