How to Bargain at Garage Sales

How to Negotiate at Garage Sales

Yes, I know getting up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning should be a sin, but ladies, during garage sale season, it is so worth it. Chic vintage luggage, designer clothes, solid wood furniture and picture frames galore–I’ve gotten it all at garage sales. I’ve long believed that garage sales are the place to […]

Fall 2012 Beauty Trends

The fall 2012 fashion week got us really excited about makeup, not that you’re surprised or anything! The show was packed with tons of great new trends and inspiration for the upcoming year. Beautiful, natural faces? Check. Sleek nails? Check. Messy but polished hair? Double check. We think you’ll love these trends as much as […]

Fall 2012 Beauty Trends: Bringing Back Finger Waves & Pin Curls

Finger Waves & Pin Curls

It’s hard to think of the 1920s without conjuring up images of the illustrious flappers, who astonished the world with their fringed dresses, makeup and a tendency to get into trouble. Of course, looking back, these strong women not only had great taste in hair and clothes, but they also had steadfast beliefs and helped […]

Don’t Miss Out On These 10 Great Beauty Products, All Under $10!

Maybelline Lasting Drama by EyeStudio Gel Eyeliner

Aren’t you tired of seeing beauty products that are way too overpriced? From teeth whitening to anti-wrinkle cream, it seems like stores everywhere are trying to make us spend in the $20, $30 and sometimes even $40-$50 dollar range for products that we use every day. Yet, when you look closely, there are also tons […]