13 Great Beauty Pinterest Boards to Follow

Beauty Pinterest Boards to Follow

As you know, I am obsessed with all things beauty-related, and Pinterest hasn’t done much to break this habit. And why should it? The ideas for hairstyles, makeup, fashion and nail designs that you can find on Pinterest are truly limitless. Just to give you a sample, I’ve selected 13 of my favorite beauty boards to share with you […]

Need Inspiration? Here are 13 Fall Pinterest Boards You Must Follow!

Great Fall Pinterest Boards

Fall is in the air, and as I write this, I can just envision my knee-high stiletto boots crunching through beautifully-colored leaves. It’s a great time not only for fashion and new runway inspiration but also for home decorating and craft ideas. That’s why I turned to one of my favorite places (and yours, too, […]

Want Pearly Whites? First, Check Here to See If It’s Safe

Pearly White Teeth Tips

I’m a religious tea-drinker. Every morning, I fill a huge thermos with tea, and I bring it into work. I sip on this tea all. Day. Long. (Lady Gray is my fave, by the way!) Of course, while my tea habit helps me get through the day, it hasn’t helped my pearly whites stay, well…pearly […]

It’s Bright. It’s Light. It’s the Spring 2013 Beauty Trends

Top Beauty Tips

Did you see the Spring 2013 runway shows? Weren’t they absolutely incredible? I am so in love with the new makeup trends for 2013, which feature beautiful colors and natural looks. That’s the best thing about spring, right? The weather, our wardrobes, and now our makeup can all get a little lighter and brighter. To […]

We Really, Really Think You Should Follow These Pinterest Boards

Brands to Follow on Pinterest

Sure, companies use Pinterest for self-promotion, but they also use it to share absolutely incredible eye candy (and who doesn’t love a little eye candy every now and then?) One of the reasons I absolutely love the 13 companies featured below is that they include stunning inspiration photos and ideas in addition to showcasing their […]