High Vs. Low: The Statement Necklace

Money is tighter than ever this time of year — but the cruel joke? We have to show incredible restraint to resist buying ourselves all those fabulous things we’re seeing, and budget our money carefully to ensure we have gifts for our most-deserving loves ones covered. Ugh, it’s a fashionistas nightmare — but we do […]

High vs. Low: Python Print Bag

Due to budget considerations, we find ourselves decked head to toe in simple basics more than we care to admit these days. So how do we get through the day without feeling like we’ve lost our fashionista mojo? Two words: Python. Handbag. Paying for real python, of course, would mean that we’d have to go […]

Product Review & Contest: Carmex’s New Healing Lotion and Healing Cream

What: Angela smooths on Carmex’s new Healing Lotion and Healing Cream The Lowdown: Carmex — which took skin care to a level waaay beyond waxy Chaptstick with it’s little tubs of smoothness back in the late 80s/early 90s — has joined the ranks of those looking to diversify, with a new Healing Lotion and Healing […]

How To Wear: The Military Trend


Seems like all the trend talk this season has been military this and military that … and we won’t lie, we’re kind of all about it. While you will never see us in full-on fatigues, we feel weirdly empowered at the thought of slipping on an olive drab jacket or lace-up military-inspired booties. This isn’t, […]

High Vs. Low: Animal Print Flats

Some items are worth paying investment-portfolio prices (classic leather handbags, trench coats, etc.) but trendy seasonal items like, say, animal print flats? Uh-uh. And if you’ve been reading us long enough, you know you just don’t have to. But, always up for a challenge, let’s put that theory to the test – we’ve picked a […]