So You’ve Gotta Go to a Wedding? Wear THIS (it’s under 75 bucks)!

Wedding Guest Outfit Under $75

Summertime is wedding time, and while you may not be the bride, at least this time, you’re not a bridesmaid (creamsicle-orange satin, anyone?). So that means you get to relax and enjoy the festivities as a guest, but it doesn’t mean that you get a pass on being fabulous–and why would you want to? After […]

Chic And Covered Up: Mode-sty Offers Options For Conservative Fashionistas

Here’s something that no one ever talks about: conscientiously conservative dressers who still want to participate in seasonal trends – yes, conservative girls want to be fashionable too. Unfortunately, most of the high fashion or trendy items one might find on flash sale sites tend to be of the less-than-conservative variety. Enter Mode-sty, a discount […]

Instant Classic?: Banana Republic’s Anna Karenina-Inspired Collection

Banana Republic Anna Karenina Collection

What do you get if you mix muted grays and blacks, faux fur trims and a celebrated 19th century novel? Uh, a new collection at Banana Republic, of course. The chic-but-affordable retailer has unveiled a capsule collection of Anna Karenina inspired clothes and accessories, just in time to coincide with the upcoming film remake of […]

Target’s Next Big Designer Partnership: Neiman Marcus

Target and Neiman Marcus

  Didn’t see this one coming — Target’s latest designer partnership is with … a luxury department store giant? This morning Target announced it’s teaming up with the high-end retailer Neiman Marcus for a winter holiday collection featuring Neiman’s stable of clothing and goods designers. According to the Washington Post, the line will feature “more […]

Red, White and Woo Hoo!: What To Wear To A Fourth Of July Barbecue

What To Wear To A Fourth Of July Barbecue

Ah, the Fourth of July — friends, fireworks, and crazy delicious all-American backyard barbecue. What could be better? Looking fabulous, that’s what–in an Independence Day-appropriate ensemble that a) won’t have you melting in the crazy summer heat and b) doesn’t make you look like you ARE the Fourth of July parade on two legs. The […]

How To Wear Crop Pants If You’re Short: Or, Breaking Petite Fashion Rules Is The New Black

Breaking Petite Fashion Rules Is The New Black

You’ve probably been told this time and again–if you’re short, never, ever, ever (*insert 36 more evers here*) wear cropped pants, or anything else that breaks your leg line between the knee and ankle. But the truth is, modern fashion is as much about breaking rules than following them (remember no white before Memorial Day? […]

Ann Romney’s Pinterest Makes Us Hungry

Ann Romney On Pinterest

Okay, we just discovered Michelle Obama’s Pinterest and put her “My Style” board — no, it doesn’t exist yet — on our wish list for the 2012 campaign. So now we’re exploring Ann Romney’s Pinterest, and while there’s not style notes there either, there ARE recipes. Delicious-looking recipes. Which, next to amazing budget-friendly fashion, is […]

Penney For Your Thoughts: How to Shop the New J.C. Penney

How to Shop the New J.C. Penney

Out with the coupons, the percent-off sales, the clearance, the sale on sale on sale items between the prices of $4.56 and $10.78 on Mondays and during a full moon….okay, maybe we’re exaggerating, but not by much. Earlier this year, J.C. Penney unveiled its new “fair and square” pricing strategy, permanently marking down all merchandise […]