Repost: Cyber Monday Shopping Tips For Those Who Hate Black Friday

Cyber Monday shopping

The Budget Fashionista’s  Holiday Shopping Guide Series shares shopping tips and advice to help you save money this holiday season. For more posts in the series, visit our Holiday Shopping Guide Page. At TBF we’re not really Black Friday girls (we like our beauty sleep) but Cyber Monday? Totally our speed (and not just because […]

How To Buy A Wedding Dress Online

How To Buy A Wedding Dress Online

With the rise of “Say Yes To The Dress,” wedding dress shopping has been elevated to a national pastime – seriously, before that show, did you know the difference between a mermaid and a trumpet fit? Between silky satin and charmeuse? And while expectations for the bridal experience are now exceedingly high, not every girl […]

Why Wedding Dress Sizes Run So Small

So you’ve invested your 401(K) in every bridal magazine that ever existed, Pinterested yourself within an inch of your life and spent the last three months on a strict diet of raw veggies and, well, raw veggies. Now you’re at the bridal salon, focused only on reaching that “Say Yes To The Dress” moment every […]

Web Site Review:

Accessory Foundry Site Review

What: Angela shops “artisan, indie and retro fab finds” on The Lowdown: There’s nothing we love more than a great accessory–which means something that elevates our generally-basic pieces while spending, well, as little as humanly possible. So we’re always on the lookout for new accessory sources (you can only do so much with a […]

The Springtime Blues: Spring 2013 Pantone Color Report

Pantone Spring 2013 Forecast

According to the fashion color gods at Pantone (still our dream job), Spring 2013 is all about feminine softness – fresh cool hues with pops of clear crisp brightness. Can you say refreshing? We know, fall hasn’t even started yet, but the fashion industry is all about what’s coming NEXT – so here’s your cheat […]

Web Site Review:

Hauler Deals Site Review

What: announces big changes–so Angela does some shopping Web site recon. The Lowdown: HaulerDeals defines “haulers” as “those who hunt for amazing fashion, gather their favorites and share them with the world.” Okay, we’re on board with that. Upon our first visit, we’re asked to sign up of course, so we do, with the […]

Mix This: Tons of Texture Trends for Fall 2012

Texture Trends for Fall 2012

Summer dressing is all about simplicity, but as the days get shorter (and our affinity for flirty summer florals turns to *meh*), get ready for some serious changes for fall 2012. This year, texture is BIG – and mixing textures is even bigger. Think brocade with tweed, lace with faux fur, patent leather with embossed […]

Get Ziggy Wit It: Chevron- The MUST HAVE Print For Fall 2012

The MUST HAVE Print For Fall 2012

Just when we think every print possible has been recycled through the seasonal trend machine, along comes something semi-fresh — the chevron print. So, er, just what is a chevron (you ask in your head, and not out loud, so as to not to call attention to yourself)? The lowdown: A chevron print is a […]

Fall 2012 Fashion Trend: The Rise (Again) of the Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Really, does the Little Black Dress ever go away? By its very nature, the LBD is a fashion and style constant, but the level at which it piques our what-we-want-to-wear-tonight interest does wax and wane. Fortunately, like the Madonna of the fashion staples, just when you think the Little Black Dress is beyond reinventing, new […]

What to buy NOW for Fall 2012

What to buy NOW for Fall 2012

One of the tricks to being au courant in any given season, without dropping major bank every three months, is good planning–and that means identifying upcoming trends you’re excited about and picking up a piece or two at a time that you can use later to update those necessary, but sometimes ho-hum, basics. And we […]