Melissa Shoes—The Most Stylish Plastic Shoes You’ll Ever Own

My friend Barb has been vegan since before it was cute to be. We’re talking pre-Oprah vs. Cows. Pre-environmentally friendly Yugos (aka Toyota Prius), pre-rappers versus rockers showing their eco-prowest on cable tv.  She doesn’t eat meat and trys to avoid wearing animal skin shoes (although I do distinctly remember her owning a pair of […]

Roaring 20s Style: Fashion Trend

“THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” What: The decade inspiring fashionistas this fall? The Roaring 20s. This makes us happy. What We Say: A few days ago we talked about fringe being the latest embellishment trend, but this is the bigger picture: fringe is just part of the wave of 20s-inspired styles to come, […]

Fashion Trend: On the Fringe

What: The latest thing in fashion embellishment—fringes. What We Say: We thought maybe it was just us, but we’ve definitely noticed a significant increase in fringing lately, on everything from shoes to handbags to dresses . . . and as long as they’re not on the sleeves of a cropped purple suede jacket with giant […]

Fall Fashion Trends, Mature Fashionistas, and Thrift Store Finds: TBF Forum

As you know, we’re an equal opportunity blog around here—meaning we looove to hear from you. If you’d like to see what your fellow readers are talking about, check out these hot threads at The Budget Fashionista’s very own reader forum: ~ Gearing up for some serious fall fashion? Tell fellow readers what fall trends […]

Best Green Fashion on a Budget: Reader Advice

Green fashion and budget shopping—two phrases that don’t seem to go together easily. Finding green, or organic, or eco-friendly, clothing to begin with isn’t easy—but finding it without a gasp-inducing pricetag? Well, we’re just about stumped. Urban Outfitters has their Urban Renewal line, which is made from re-purposed fabrics and materials, but we’re not convinced […]

Fashion Advice: Navy as a Summer Neutral

What: Not ready to get back to black? Navy is another great neutral that’s not too heavy for the hottest part of summer . . . The Lowdown: Black will be hot this fall, but it’s still, well, hot, so summer is by no means over. An alternative neutral? We’re all about the navy—it’s summery […]