Melissa Shoes—The Most Stylish Plastic Shoes You’ll Ever Own

My friend Barb has been vegan since before it was cute to be. We’re talking pre-Oprah vs. Cows. Pre-environmentally friendly Yugos (aka Toyota Prius), pre-rappers versus rockers showing their eco-prowest on cable tv.  She doesn’t eat meat and trys to avoid wearing animal skin shoes (although I do distinctly remember her owning a pair of […]

Roaring 20s Style: Fashion Trend

“THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” What: The decade inspiring fashionistas this fall? The Roaring 20s. This makes us happy. What We Say: A few days ago we talked about fringe being the latest embellishment trend, but this is the bigger picture: fringe is just part of the wave of 20s-inspired styles to come, […]

Vogue Italia: Win This Part Deux

Kathryn stumbled upon a store in NYC and found more copies of this issue, so we’re having a second contest. there will be 4 lucky winners. What: Vogue Italia’s July issue is a historical one: it addresses the issue of racial inequality in the fashion world by filling its editorial pages with models of color […]

JC Penney Semi Annual Home Sale: Daily Deal

What: JC Penney’s “Semi Annual” Home Sale, which you’ll have to run to (or click around) on your lunch break as today, Aug. 11, is the last day to save. The Lowdown: JC Penney is always having sales, we know this — but who are we to argue? Get great home furnishing deals for 30-60% […]

Fashion Trend: On the Fringe

What: The latest thing in fashion embellishment—fringes. What We Say: We thought maybe it was just us, but we’ve definitely noticed a significant increase in fringing lately, on everything from shoes to handbags to dresses . . . and as long as they’re not on the sleeves of a cropped purple suede jacket with giant […]

Best Green Fashion on a Budget: Reader Advice

Green fashion and budget shopping—two phrases that don’t seem to go together easily. Finding green, or organic, or eco-friendly, clothing to begin with isn’t easy—but finding it without a gasp-inducing pricetag? Well, we’re just about stumped. Urban Outfitters has their Urban Renewal line, which is made from re-purposed fabrics and materials, but we’re not convinced […]