Fashion Trend: Open Front Cardigans

“THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” What: Drapey, open front cardigans as an alternative to the jacket or traditional cardigan What We Say: Because it’s feminine and interesting, we like it—however, we have some reservations. 1. Too much draping could add a whole lot of bulk where you don’t want it. 2. All that […]

Natural Cutting Board Cleaner: DIY

Wooden cutting boards can get dingy, scratched and stained quickly, which is sooo not a look. If you want that new-cutting board look, or just want to make sure yours is as clean as it can be, try this natural method for cleaning and sanitizing your wooden cutting board.

The Look for Less: Clocks for under $30

If it wasn’t for your alarm clock going off this morning, where would you be? Snug-as-a-bug in your bed (clinging to your homemade sweater pillow, no doubt). But you’d also be late for meetings, your trainer, a date, lunch, dinner, your family (you get the picture). These days it’s virtually impossible to get away from […]

Tea Time: The Look for Less

With tea sales at an all-time high, it appears the brew is making a play to be the next coffee. And with scientists touting the blend’s health benefits and loose-leaf tea houses popping up across the country, the bevy’s popularity is only set to increase. So before you swap your java for tea or stock […]