River Rock Place Cards: DIY

There’s just something appealing about bringing the elements of nature into your table design — not only does it add a comfortably rustic look, but it also is a nice way to “green” your décor. Our suggestion? For your next get-together, try making place cards out of river rocks. It couldn’t be simpler: all you […]

Planting Garlic: Budget Gardening Tip

When the weather begins to cool and you start thinking about planting spring blooming bulbs, don’t forget to plant your garlic. Not the most savory combination, right? But when it comes down to it, garlic’s not cheap when bought in the supermarket – at least not compared to growing it yourself. Our local grocery store […]

How to Make a Creative Collage

Did you hear the one about the art collector who recently spent $80 million on a Claude Monet painting? (We’re not kidding.) While it may be nice to have that kind of recreational money (especially for one of Monet’s Impressionist canvases), it’s not exactly realistic for a diva on a dime. And because we, like […]

Thrift Stores: Entertaining on a Budget

Thrift stores are not just for clothing – they’re also great places to find all kinds of items you can use for entertaining. Whether you’re just starting out and need some basics like furniture for the house, want to replace a few dishes, or are looking for a unique serving piece, check your local thrift […]

Scent-Sational: Look for Less

We’ve all been at a friend’s house enjoying dinner when suddenly an eye-watering smell wafts into the room. Garbage, a gym bag, a rotten fridge; there are multiple reasons a home could develop an eau-de-ick. And being the diva you are, you understand there’s never really a good reason for it. So we understand why […]

John Derian Collection at Target: The Look for Less

In its grand tradition of providing quality for less, Target is rolling out the John Derian™ for Target collection of exclusive stationery and home décor items. Derian, a New York City-based artist known for his artisan decoupage techniques, brings his affinity for nature to his new limited-edition collection. The focus of the collection is his […]

Customized Cutting Boards: Look for Less

Customized cutting boards can make chopping vegetables more pleasant and can do double duty in the kitchen – not only as a chopping surface, but also a pretty presentation surface for tapas, cheese, fruit, or other items that won’t soak through the wood. They also make creative, inexpensive, and totally easy host/hostess gifts — the […]