TBF’s New Year’s Round-Up

> Here at TBF, we like to greet the New Year in different ways: reflecting on fashion disasters of years gone by, predicting fashion hits (and misses) for the year to come, and dishing a little advice while we’re at it. Some of our favorite New Years posts to get you in the right frame […]

Sequins: How to Shine This New Year’s Eve

> While the sheen of satin has been hot in recent months (for day and night) this New Year’s, it appears there might be a fresh way to dazzle (outside of your glowing personality, of course)—with sequins. This is not your 80s prom nightmare sequins (or maybe that’s just Kathryn and Angela’s prom nightmare) though […]

Betsey Johnson Diffusion Line for Target? It Could Happen

> Hot on the heels of reports that some top designers have cancelled their Fall 2009 Fashion Week shows, we get this teaser: according to NY Mag, Betsey Johnson (one of the cancelling designers)—and we quote Betsey Johnson CEO Chantal Bacon—“is planning a limited-edition design collaboration with a retailer that will likely launch in the […]

Last Christmas Posting Dates: Get it By Dec. 24! Part 2

Christmas is a week away, you’re still not done shopping, AND between work, parties, school holiday programs, and your visiting in-laws, your time available to shop is, well, zero. You’re not alone, but if you’re hoping to pick up a few things online you’ll need to plan carefully—take a deep breath and scan these “last […]

Final Shopping Dates: Get It By Dec. 24!

> The holiday shopping season is growing shorter by the minute, meaning that if you intend to shop online, you better know what kind of shipping deadlines you’re up against—there’s nothing worse than finding the perfect gift, only to be left empty-handed and scouring the picked-over last-minute-gift bins on Christmas Eve . . . So, […]