Band-Aid Friction Block: Product Review

What: Angela glides on a little Band-Aid Friction Block The Lowdown: In theory, Band-Aid Friction Block is a great idea. Instead of having to slap on some unsightly band-aids on those sore spots where new and/or impractical shoes rub you the wrong way, simply glide on a little Friction Block and go. The product itself […]

The Asymmetrical Dress: Spring Fashion Trend

What: Asymmetry returns as a the dress silhouette for spring . . . What We Say: Like most of the trends for spring, this one is really nothing new—asymmetrical/one shoulder dresses have been hovering at the edge of the fashion radar for awhile now, but when Michelle Obama selected the style for her inauguration ball […]

Flutter Sleeve Tops: Spring 09 Fashion Trend

“THESE PRODUCTS ARE NO LONGER BEING SOLD” Okay, we’re not even going to try to hold back here—we love, love, love a flutter sleeve blouse. Love. Arms, after all, are a sensitive area for a lot of women and when we have to break out the short sleeves there’s really no option that’s more flattering […]

The First Lady Sale at

The Deal: Save at’s First Lady Sale with select items up to 80% Off at The Lowdown: We love a fashionable first lady (we’re still doing a happy dance over Michelle O.‘s arrival in the White House) and so are totally happy to take any opportunity to honor the post with, well, saving […]

Sale Items 50% Off at Charlotte Russe

The Deal: All Sale Items 50% Off at The Lowdown: It’s been a while since we’ve seen much in the way of sales at Charlotte Russe, but since the prices are really reasonable, we don’t usually complain too much. Still, we’re always happy to save more (particularly when we know the quality isn’t exactly […]