5 Cheap Gym Beauty Items That Don’t Stink

Locker rooms are not the most conducive environments for a full-on beauty routine (unless an elbow in the face is somehow discovered to be anti-aging). That doesn’t mean you should abandon routine altogether, because while working out is great for your body it can be murder on your skin and hair. So if you don’t […]

How to Get the Bohemian Look

Vanessa Hudgens Boho

Since Bohemian style is the fertile ground from which hipster style has sprung, the question is now and forever will be – is it still “bohemian” if it’s mainstream? We say yes – since Bohemian has over the years transformed from trendy fashion to a bona fide style philosophy (plus, we can’t keep up with the ever […]

Friendgiftr.com: Easier Way to Shop for Gifts?

What: An easier way to shop for gifts? Angela checks out the claims at Friendgiftr.com The Lowdown: Okay here’s the concept — shopping on the go, in the digital age. Simple right? But can’t we already do that? Hmmm. Here’s the deal — Friendgiftr.com features a slew of merchants (well, okay, it’s somewhere around 120), […]

Does CherryDeals Really Get You The Deal?

What: Angela looks for sweet daily deals at CherryDeals.com The Lowdown: We’ve seen sites like this before — log in, and get a deal — ONE deal — featured for that particular day. Okay, it’s as basic as it gets but if the deals are good, why not? But remember, I said if the deals […]

Website Review: Glo at MSN.com

What: Glo.msn.com — do we really need another style/beauty/living/relationship website? Angela does some clicking around to find out. The Lowdown: Launched this month, MSN calls “Glo” an “innovative new site” that gives women style, beauty and lifestyle information with the look and feel of a “beautiful magazine.” This means they’re still trying to bridge that […]

The Birth of the Jegging (Jeans +Legging)

We can argue over whether jean leggings are truly leggings or just REALLY skinny jeans, but….however you define them they’re a hot trend for spring (okay, you can call them jeggings if you wish, but we’re going to resist). We like them for both their retro 80s fabulousness and their potential to make our legs […]

Top Five Floral Dresses (Under $50)

It’s officially spring, and after the winter we just had? We don’t just want, we DESERVE those flirty floral dresses that will make us feel like, well, girls again (All those layered knits and long johns? Not so much.). This spring, the more feminine the better (think color, ruffles, draping) — and the best news […]

25 Reasons You Shouldn’t Spend More than $75 on Your Prom Dress

There are several reasons you SHOULD NOT spend more than $75 (if you can more than $50) on your prom dress. You’ll probably only wear it once. The memory of the dress will only live in photos in your mom’s living room. Unless you turn into one of those people who wear their high school […]

Cute Cheap Bridal Shoes

Lulu Townsend Valentine Platform Pump

Let’s face it, using the word “cheap” in the same sentence as “my wedding” seems like a big fat wedding don’t because, well, it sounds so crass. Reality check: cheap is good. With wedding budgets getting tighter and tighter (thanks economy!) saving a buck where you can only makes sense. Take, for instance, cheap bridal shoes—as a […]

American Beauty “Beloved” Perfume: Product Review

What: Angela attempts to get romantic with American Beauty’s “Beloved” perfume spray. The Lowdown: “Beloved”—apparently the winner of the Fragrance Foundation’s 2009 “Fragrance of the Year” award—is one of those quintessential girly scents: floral, floral, floral, specifically featuring tuberose along with orange flower, stephanotis, and calla lilies. It’s a scent which their marketing team has […]