What: Bid on apparel, accessories, and more at the Police Auction site Propertyroom.com

The Lowdown: All eBay-ed out and ready to find another (possibly less overwhelming and overused) auction site to bid on apparel, jewelry and other household goods for less? We’ve recently come across Propertyroom.com, which is a Police Auction site, featuring goods that have been, well, stolen, seized, found and otherwise acquired by the more than 1,100 law enforcement agencies involved with the site.

We spent some time clicking around to see how it stacks up, and here’s the bottom line: The upsides: Designer and namebrand goods up for bid? Check. Reasonably easy to view and navigate? Check. The downsides: Limited selection overall (of course, one can’t expect there to be 600 designer handbags that have been confiscated at any given time just for our convenience, right?), and no PayPal (which leaves us scratching our heads quite frankly). That being said, we found stuff like Burberry scarves “>Burberry scarves with bids of around $80 (which normally go for more than $200), so the deals are there (and we found that one in the first 30 seconds of perusing, so it’s pretty easy). Our final word? Definitely worth putting on the favorites list . . . 

Shop: Propertyroom.com