Attracting Birds: Budget Gardening Tip

Birds are a welcome addition to any garden. Not only do they rid gardens of harmful insects such as grubs and aphids, as well as small rodents, they also add charm. A summer evening can be made more enjoyable by taking in the sighs of birds swooping down onto feeders and landing on watering areas. In addition, the melody of their songs makes a cheerful backdrop for a cool glass of lemonade or iced tea.

To attract birds to your garden:

Provide a safe haven. A bird house set six to 10 feet off the ground will provide a safe place for birds, away from cats and other predators. Whatever Works offers an Eco Friendly Birdhouse Kit made of 100% recycled plastic from sources such as bags, soda bottles, milk jugs, and water bottles. Buy it for $14.97 – 50% off.
Provide food. Native shrubs, trees and plants produce food for wildlife, including nuts, berries, seeds, and nectar. Supplement with bird seed; sunflower seeds or white millet for songbirds and ground feeders, or fruit and fruit seeds for bluebirds, tanagers, and orioles.
Provide water. Fresh water is used by birds for drinking and bathing. Be sure to change the water regularly – daily in summer.

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