Asymmetrical Dresses: Trend for Less

One of the most popular trends this summer has been the asymmetrical dress. While this often translates to a one-shouldered dress or top, there are more creative styles than that – like varying lengths and patterns. We don’t like the dresses that are asymmetrical just for the sake of being asymmetrical. Everything’s gotta work together to create the perfect fashion statement.

We’ve got several asymmetrical dresses that you can nab for $100 and way under (not too shabby for quality trend-setting cocktail attire).

How to get the trend for less:

Interlock Asymmetrical Address from American Apparel, $42

Asymmetrical Silk Chifon Dress from Neiman Marcus, $88

Elle Asymmetrical Rosett Dress from Kohl’s, $29.99

Women’s Pleated Dress from, $69.99

Asymmetric Knit Dress from Chadwicks, $59.99

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