Soapbox Moment: Ashlee Simpson is the New Victoria’s Secret Model

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Gisele, Tyra, Heidi, and Ashlee? What the . . .

Ashlee Simpson has signed on to be a Victoria’s Secret model. Okay normally I wouldn’t care, however Ms. Simpson and her new nose is on the cover of this month’s Marie Claire Beauty and Body Issue with the following copy inside:

“She’s had it with Hollywood’s twisted view of feminine beauty. Her goal: to get women to appreciate their diverse shapes and sizes. Along with a group of teens, Simpson sends the kind of message we all want to hear”.

Exactly what type of message about body issues does being on the cover of a major mag right after getting a nose job and signing a contract to model lingerie send? Say whatever you have to say to get pr for your new album?

Kathryn’s Thoughts on Ashlee Simpson as Victoria’s Secret model

Indugle me in a soapbox moment: This is the type of fakeness that really bugs me about Hollywood. I have no problem with plastic surgery when it’s used to make you feel better and not turn you into the “cat” lady or Janice Dickinson (whom I love and who said hello to me while budding in front of me at Betsey Johnson’s Fall 2006 fashion show). Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, and I are BFFs (well at least in my head).  I give the Victoria’s Secret models as much props as I give the models in Figure magazine. However, I do have a problem when stars try to say how much they love their bodies and how much we should all love our bodies and then go and get $5000 nose jobs to look like their older sister. Or get gastric bypass surgery and lie and say that the rapid weight loss was from doing pilates three days a week.

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked to make over people to “look” like a celebrity. I have no interest in turning people into suburban Jennifer Anistons—I would much rather help people create their own styles and looks. But to the powers that be in Hollywood (and New York) all those in the middle states care about is looking like Angelina Jolie—which is why the very hypercritical (probably more confused) Ashlee Simpson is on of the cover of one of the most popular women’s magazines loving her body, with the exception of her old nose.

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  1. M says

    That’s exactly what I thought when I read that!  Hullo?!? you just got a nosejob and you’re telling us to love our bodies.  I mean, what a hypocrite.  It’s fine to do it but own up to it and say it’s ok to do things that make you feel better!!

  2. says

    I’ve always wondered why some celebrities wait until they are quite famous and then get plastic surgery.  I just think celebrities like the attention they get – otherwise wouldn’t you get your “changes” out of the way while you were still relatively unknown?  More specifically regarding Ashlee Simpson, I think her family is fairly hypocritical in its beliefs and structure so you can’t blame her totally.  I try not to judge too much but sometimes they make it hard.

  3. says

    That is so funny that she would be dumb enough to think anyone would take her seriously telling other people to love their bodies when she’s gotten a nose job and lost alot of weight (which I personally don’t think she needed to do either one). She’s presented this image since the beginning of her “career” that she was such an individual and didn’t follow the crowd.. she now looks like every other cookie cutter celebrity to me! Sounds like she needs to take her own advice!

  4. says

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I really don’t know why Victoria Secret would want Ashlee as there isn’t anything modelesque about her (IMHO).

  5. Destiny says

    Let’s face it- as she once put it, she’ll “always be living in the shadows of someone elses dream.” Jessica will always be the more prominent of the two. I’m sure daddy paid Victoria Secret like he did MTV for her little reality show.

  6. Victoria says

    Ashlee Simpson really,really bothers me. She is just excruciatingly annoying, IMO anyways. I`m 14, going into my sophomore year, and I don`t know anybody that likes what she`s about. We`re supposed to be her target demographic, aren`t we? She`s not doing a very good job. Nobody likes a fake girl.

    Oh, the VS models are fabulous. I adore them. She is soooo below standard and she`ll never be at that level.

  7. dottcomm1 says

    your “rant” is exactly why i love this site. i agree 100% with you! thank you for your honest opinion on such a public site! you are awesome!

  8. G says

    U know, Ashlee Simpson is a real role model:
    She lip-synchs, gets a nose job, is a underwear model, and a hypocrite.
    She’s a role model on how NOT to behanve.

  9. karen says

    I totally agree.  If she was so into just loving her body for it’s uniqueness or whatever, she wouldn’t have gotten the nose job… I think you’re right, a lot of celebrities say things so that the common people will love them, but in all reality, they’re striving to be that “ideal” that Hollywood represents.

  10. says

    They’ve all had such gorgeous top models modelling their ranges, and I’ve always thought very highly of them. But Ashlee Simpson!?!? The girl is pretty but what were they thinking!?!?

  11. Kris says

    what is happening to this poor girl?  i can’t even begin to immagine what it would be like to have to live in the shadow of an older sis like her’s (my lil sis and i balance each other out very well, thank you) but this is too much.  maybe after she is done profitting off of what she claims to be against she will see the reality of it all….

  12. Leah says

    I think celebs aren’t immune to the pressures to be “beatiful”. And really, today’s standard of beauty has exceeded anything natural, and is truly fake. I mean Ashlee got a nose job, but so did Giselle (prior to her supermodel status). But I think that celebs should watch what they say and stop trying to come off like they have superior self-esteem, when apparently, they don’t.

  13. Bethany says

    I was thinking about the same thing that ‘Kris’ commented. It seems like both the Simpson girls have had ‘interesting’ lives. Most of us will never have to deal with the things that they deal with on a daily basis. How they deal with those things is reflected in their actions and their words. I have 2 older sisters and we are good friends, now that we are on our own and not living under the same roof. It was difficult being the little sister though. It is even harder when the older of 2 doesn’t want a little sister.

  14. Savannah says

    I think that Ashlee has a very good chance to be on the cover of the magazine. She has the hourglass figure and everything that you need to be a model.

  15. melissa says

    I hear ya, sister. Amen. I think the Simpson clan needs serious counseling. God knows they can afford it.

  16. Yvonne says

    We’d all be better off without places like Victoria’s secret, which are really for men’s pleasure…not ours.  I’ve never watched a Victoria’s secret commercial without comparing myself to the models and feeling incredibly unattractive.  Why not a “Victor’s Secret” as well?
    Oh, that’s right, that would be ridiculous…men are too important and powerful to cavort in fun undies on TV.  Oh well.

  17. Damien says

    Ashlee Simpson just got very boring. A girl who sings songs like “Love Me For Me” and then gets plastic surgery, haha.

    Before, she was something. Nothing huge, but a person with integrity and with her own image and music.

    But now, she is blend and boring and she will NEVER be good enough cuz she just admitted (with her nosejob) that she isn’t ok to like with obvious flaws. But let’s forget about her. She will always be a couple of steps behind those people she’s imitating.

  18. Cloud says

    Kudos to you for telling the truth! What kind of example is she setting? THat it is okay for young girls to carve themselves out in order to meet the demands of a material and shallow media society? I’m so sick of reading about how her new nose has turned her life around, and landed her new sponsors and endorsements. All it translates to is that in order to be successful, one need to fit the mold for *ideal* beauty. Its sad that she gave in to all the pressures put on by the media lableling her as the *ugly* Simpson sister. I never thought she was ugly, maybe just in need of a new stylist. And a whole load of crap how she can’t just admit it and must feed us some bull about loving oneself as is when she makes herself over to look like her sister’s clone? Even though I didn’t think she could sing, at least I sympathized with her (pre-surgery). Without her nose, she is now indistinguishable from any of those other skinny little *under 25* bimbos in Hollywood. F-ing sad.

  19. Autumn says

    Yes, i agree that she shouldn’t be telling people to love their bodies.. and then get surgery.. but everyone is unique.. ashlee has a point, you want to be healthier and love yourself more love the unqiue person you are! Ashlee didn’t like her nose before.. but.. its just a nose people like common, she had surgery so she could how she looked even more, she has the money to fix the flaw she cant stand.. so why not? .. like she can still love who she is .. and tell people to love themselves without her being called a hypocrite .. You guys have a point, and i understand it .. but so do I. Ashlee can tell people to love themselves for who they are, and not be critized… like it seems like.. no celebrity or even ashlee for this matter, can be good enough for anyone these days.. She likes who she is better with her nose done.. AWESOME!.. im happy for her!. . shes had to go through life not likeing it.. she can fix it now .. so she did. . boohoooo .. like you guys must not be happy with yourselves to be putting her down .. like take some of her advice.. love yourself for who you are. No need to put her down .. or what she does.. or SAYS for that matter.. shes not being ahypocrite.. you can make some changes with yourself and be happy with who you are.. theres no difference between getting a nose job.. and changing from prep to goth… or whatever.. its so you love yourself better.. shes just putting it out there .. eveyones unique.. If she wants to be a model for VS.. i say … good job ashlee:) .. You have the look, and the body.. andthe RIGHT attitude.:) <33 thats all for now.

  20. Amy says

    It seems every young woman in Hollywood is striving to be a triple-threat actress/singer/model instead of focusing on ONE thing, learning the craft and eventually excelling at it. It’s all part of this crazy, disposable pop culture landscape that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

  21. blkwdow says

    I don’t have a problem with plastic surgery per se, either, BUT when given the opportunity to talk out of both sides of your mouth, the best course of action is to (Star & Ashlee, I’m looking your way!) stop talking.

    When Jennifer Hudson and America Ferrara get
    Victoria’s Secret modeling gigs, *then* I’d take note.

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