Armada Face and Body Shield 60

What: Angela smooths on Armada Face and Body Shield 60, $40 for 3 fluid ounces.

The Lowdown: The Armada Face and Body Shield makes some big claims: full-spectrum light protection, elimination of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of photo-aging, melasma-erasing, and, curiously, skin-lightening.

From what I can gather, an SPF of 60 is a bit of overkill (or fear-based marketing) since anything over 30, it seems, offers only a minimal amount of extra protection. This is heavy-duty stuff, however, intended for protection against “skin darkening, skin cancer, photoageing, and melasma.” It also purports to be good for skin recovering from clinical procedures or undergoing treatments.

Honestly, I’m hard-pressed to say that many among us should dump $40 into a product like this if all you really need is a little moisturizing and sun protection, which can be had for a whole lot less. The Pros: fragrance free and hypoallergenic, it’s light and non-greasy. The Cons:  big price and big claims that are more than most of us would need for every day.

Yea or Nay: Overall nay. A possible yea for those with serious sun-related skin damage issues, but only after checking with a dermatologist to see if it can really live up to the claims.

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