Are You Swayed By Celeb Endorsements?

What: Celebrity perfumes/fashion lines/etc…is this horse dead yet? Apparently yes. AdweekMedia polled a bunch of folks (via Linkedin) about whether or not they’re influenced by ads with celebrities in them. 78% said famous faces have no effect whatsoever, while 12% claimed it was actually a turn off. The remaining 8% admitted they’re more likely to buy a product if a star was promotes it.

What They Say:

Of course, all these responses leave one unanswerable question: Were the survey’s participants telling the truth when most of them said a celeb in an ad makes no difference to them and fewer than one in 10 said it makes them more likely to buy? In comments they posted along with their votes, a number of respondents were skeptical.

What We Say: We’re not sure if these respondents were outright lying, but we do figure that they’re more affected by celebrity-backed ads (and clothing lines/perfumes) than they realize. Otherwise, why would they be so ubiquitous? Also people who are on LinkedIn, tend to be more web-centric and on the web everyone is a celebrity. We are totally okay with a survey like this, however, leading to less celebrity and more quality in the clothes and beauty products we buy. After all, it could just be that ads with celebs get more attention in the media, leading to better sales – self-fulfilling prophecy. 

What about you – are you more likely to buy a lip balm by Fran Drescher than one by a generic brand?

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  1. sueb says

    Yes I would buy a lip balm endorsed by Fran Drescher rather than a generic.  I buy the Lauren Hutton make up and when I can afford it I buy L.A.M.B clothing.  I believe celebrity endorsement is a money maker and people are definitely persuaded by them.

  2. says

    Does Fran Drescher have gorgeous lips? I don’t think so. I would buy more likely to buy lip balm endorsed by Angelina Jolie!

    I agree that we are more impacted than we realize. We just don’t want to admit that we are :).

  3. Serena says

    I like what I like, regardless of whether a celebrity endorses it or not (or whether it’s a designer brand or not, for that matter).  I know what I like, so I choose what I purchase accordingly.  And I also think long and hard before making a more expensive purchase.  It’s hardwired into me :0)

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