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  1. says

    Good gosh, when I first saw that image I thought it was a pair of leggings. This looks like it would be horribly uncomfortable (not to mention sweaty). I don’t see how these could serve any useful (or fashionable) purpose, unless you want sun protection for your exposed legs while still tanning your toes. In that case, sunscreen would seem to be a better alternative.

  2. Elizabeth says

    It’s like the perfect solution to “I have an awesome pedicure but I don’t feel like shaving my legs.” No thanks. Btw, just finished reading your book. Loves it!

  3. says

    It seems like these would be incredibly warm. Considering how hot and humid it is here I definitely wouldn’t go for it. I do however like the color. 😀

  4. Joy Cannon says

    I think they are one of the ugliest and dumbest trends I’ve seen. To each her own, I suppose…

  5. says

    I generally just lurk around this great site but OMG …

    that has got to be one of the stupidiest things I have ever seen in my life, right next to some “sneaker-boots” I saw on Will & Jada Smith’s daughter Willow not to long ago!


    Peace & Love and back to lurking around 😉

  6. Darya says

    this is just an incredibly bad photo of what this trend represents I say Heck Yea! Please, ladies, check out Victoria Beckham’s spring 2013 runway from fashion week a few days ago!

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