Apply Essential Oils Safely: Green Tips

What: Just because something is natural doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe. Learn how to safely include essential oils in your tinctures, cleaning products and more. Planet Green serves up some great tips on how to safely use your favorite oils.

What they Say: Apply with caution: Some oils that are meant to be inhaled, such as citrus oils, can cause severe burns if applied to skin before sun exposure. Other oils can result in rashes or burns if applied at full strength again, check the label before use, because you may need to heavily dilute with bath soap or lotion before you can apply the oil to your skin. Tip: Avoid sensitive areas such as the genitals and your eyes.

What we say: These tips are essential to be aware of. We know we’re guilty of not always taking precautions with our vitamins. They say it’s good for you, right? Especially when it comes to keeping small children in your house safe…small essential oil bottles fit into little hands perfectly. So be sure to keep them out of reach of children, as well.

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