Apple Picking: Go Green

If you live in either a “too hot in the summer” or “brutal in the winter” climate (or both – hello NYC!) fall may be the only good stretch of time you have to get outdoors and take advantage of all those free activities nature provides.

Over at Common Sense with Money (oh lordy, don’t we all need that right about now?) they give us lots of good time ideas to do alone or with a crowd. And the best part? They’re green! Well, maybe not the football so much, but it’s green-ish. We guess?

Our favorite pick from the list that includes such gems as taking a walk, collecting nature and creating art, teaming up for outdoor chores and visiting a pumpkin patch was the time-honored tradition of apple picking. You can add going local to the list when you stop by your neighborhood orchard and fill up your bag with the just ripened fruits of your labor.

Whether you knock on your neighbors door and go about twisting the stems right off their branch or you seek out a full-service apple picking orchard, you can get a great a deal on a bag of fresh off-the-tree Granny Smiths, Galas or Fijis. Then all you have to do is take them home and gorge yourself on appley goodness. Yummm….fall.

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