Web Round-Up: Beyond The Rack, ASVOF on Jeremy Scott, Chainmail everywhere, new Anya Hindmarch Totes

Beyond The Rack is the newest private sale shopping club to hit the ‘net.  Use your shopping email to get on their waiting list for huge discounts on luxury items from Dior, Gucci , Laundry, and more.

ASVOF (brainchild of herself, Diane Peret) is describing Jeremy Scott’s latest as a “mix of gutter-couture and diamond-in-the-rough streetwear” – don’t you just have to take a closer look now? (ADIDAS ORIGINALS by JEREMY SCOTT: in stores February 2nd.)

Style Bubble ponders the copyright consequences of the chainmail trend.  Its everywhere from Givenchy to fashion student design. (Who dun it?)

The newest Anya Hindmarch canvas totes are in, and Coquette is loving the whimsical illustrations. (Anya Hindmarch Spring 2009 – New Canvas Shopping Totes)

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