6 Degrees of Annoying: Black Friday Shoppers To Watch Out For

Ms Rude ‘Tude

Ms Rude Tude


Sure, certain corporate policies suck. Nonexistent return policies, no Amex, brands that refuse to make clothes above a size 6, etc. Corporations suck, but is there anything more uncomfortable than watching some high and mighty customer yell at a poor sales associate who got stuck working the Black Friday shift? No amount of debating/arguing/persuading will give sales associates the authority to overturn crappy policies.

The Chatterbox

The Chatterbox

A quick call here and there is fine, but nonstop chatting is just annoying. While you’re waiting to check out in a long line, you don’t need to hear how the shopper in front of you was dating Don, who was also kind of seeing Olga and Roberta, but Roberta was really in love with Don’s twin brother who lives in Bulgaria.

The Overzealous One

The Overzealous One

Clearly, Annoying Shopper #6 has never read The Budget Fashionista. Sure, we live for great deals, but unless you’re last name is Duggar, and you’re one of 19 kids (and counting), there’s really no logical reason to buy 15 sweaters that all look alike.

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