Anna Wintour Ambassador to France or England?

What: Rumor mill is churning that the Devil Who Wears Prada herself, Anna Wintour, may be up for an ambassadorship to England or France.

What They Say: From Fashion Week Daily: Granted, her résumé lists all the qualifications–flawless organizational skills, an enviable Rolodex, hostessing experience to spare. (Think a State dinner is tricky to finagle? Then consider the Costume Institute gala.)

What We Say: Well, the luxury market is hurting cause, well, nobody has any money and if the luxury market is hurting, you can bet that Vogue is too, so may be this is a good option for her. But, how would Anna do in DC? When I was an intern on the hill, it was all about the Naturalizer shoes, not the Jimmy Choos.

I guess if Sanjay Gupta can be placed on the short list, so can Anna…

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