The Lowdown on Ann Taylor’s Summer 2011 Collection

What: TBF attended the Ann Taylor Summer 2011 Collection fashion preview.

What They Say: “Inspired by the artistry and architecture of Mexico, our May collection is a chic palette of white and soft shades of sandy beige mixed with iridescent accents and artisan embellishments…Our June collection is all about laid-back summer sophistication…Clothes take on a gorgeous fluidity and drape, and are sophisticated enough to wear out, but relaxed and comfortable enough to handle the heat.”

What We Say:
What can we say – this was a fantastic collection. We’re notorious fans of Ann Taylor—we loved their collections for spring 2011 and fall 2010–and we love their Summer 2011 Collection just as much if not more. Although we know some shoppers think of Ann Taylor as a store exclusively for older women, they’re wrong. At least about the “exclusive” part. The beauty of Ann Taylor’s clothing, as was apparent in the various designs for summer, is the age versatility. There are ways to wear this collection and maintain your youthful style and yet none of the clothes are intrinsically young, which make them perfect for middle-age or older women. On top of this, we think they really nailed the whites and neutrals partnered with pops of vibrant color and patterns. Not to mention the jewelry is blingin.’

The one drawback? Ann Taylor can be fairly pricey, so we would recommend purchasing some statement and/or versatile pieces that you’ll wear time and again for seasons to come.

Note: Suzanna was given one of necklaces from the summer collection

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