Ann Taylor Fall 2011 Preview

What: TBF attended the Ann Taylor Fall 2011 Fashion Preview

The Scoop: We really loved what’s in stores for fall at Ann Taylor.

As was seen on the Fall 2011 runways, bright colors like oranges and deep reds are really hot and they’re coming at you in all different forms. Red pumps, orange blouses, deep blues and greens as well as other jewel tones are prevalent. We love this as we’re huge fans of being bold, but Ann Taylor has also designed some great neutrals. Lots of beiges and browns (which we actually liked–sometimes brown can be very drab) and blacks. Note: blacks and browns can be combined, ladies. That’s not a fashion faux-pas.

As for the jewelry and accessories, you’ll be seeing art-deco as a major influence-AKA, bold with some shimmer. They also showed some more subtle items, like shoes and handbags that exuded preppy sophistication. We have to be honest, we didn’t really see anything we didn’t like.

As we’ve said before about the summer collection, Ann Taylor is great for all ages and can be worn young, middle aged, or old and still maintain its sophisticated look. Yet the prices can be really high (though their items are quality and look it) so this is the place to get investment pieces that you’ll wear like, once a week for many seasons to come. Fortunately, most of the fall styles we saw here were really versatile and not overly trendy, which means they will transfer nicely from season to season.

In particular, check out the wrap dresses and sweaters, which are totally classic and you could wear for 10 years without them expiring.

Note: Suzanna received a gift bag with a bracelet for attending the event.

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  1. Mara says

    “Ann Taylor is great for all ages and can be worn young, middle aged, or OLD and still maintain its sophisticated look”. Mature is a nicer way to describe aging.

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