Ann Romney Style File

She’s the pop of color that is Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s arm candy and the runway print to his cookie cutter wardrobe, but if there’s one thing Ann Romney isn’t, it’s fearful of being different. Creating a sartorial image that lets the nation know she’s her own person, (and, particularly, one that doesn’t have to fit into any one political or stereotypical style), Ann is taking the campaign trail by (tropical) storm playing with prints, bold color, and her own notion of street style.

She has fun with fashion, and it definitely shows. She’s okay with breaking a few rules and traditions– one of which seems to be working with a designated stylist or image consultant. Whether her wild style suits your fancy, or you prefer a more classic candidate, Ann’s look is all her own, all the time, and that alone is something worth admiring.

The Style of Ann Romney

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