Trend Alert: Animal Face Knit Hats

One of the most interesting winter 2010 trends is the animal face hat. Found at stores like UrbanOutfitters and Asos, these hats, made out of wool or polyester knit fabric, feature the face of an animal on the front of the hat, along with details like the animal’s print and ears. Look, we know it takes a very special person to be able to wear animal face hat — but if you feel like you’re that person (and you just might be) then we’ve picked a few versions of the trend you might want to check out.

Animal Face Knit Hats You’ll Love

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  1. says

    We started making knitted animal hats 6 years ago and sell to Urban, Barneys and Nordstroms….It has been interesting to see the trend evolve over the years and we are proud to have been the first to bring them to market…. Stephen Acheson and David Setka Founders of knitwits animal hats.

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