Person to Know: Andre Leon Talley

Who: Vogue Editor at Large Andre Leon Talley

Why: ALT is perhaps one of the most influential people in fashion today, with his thought impacting all levels of fashion- from Baby Phat to Zac Posen to Chanel.

A protege of the original Vogue Queen B, Diane Vreeland (who in her day would have had Anna Wintour shaking in her custom-made Jimmy Choo boots), he’s the only person in the world who can make a Sean John track suit look chic.  Also he’s the only person that can call out Ms. Anna Wintour (read: Ms. Anna don’t like fat people) on OPRAH NONETHELESS and get away with it.

He’s also the 6ft 8in style guru to pretty much anyone who needs style.

Where to find him: Curating this year’s Annual Oscar fashion show, writing his front of the book column as editor at large of Vogue, or hawking one of his fabulous books A.L.T: A Memoir or A.L.T. 365.

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  1. Maddie B says

    I have always loved Andre, he is really a gem. His review in vogue about how only two spring lines were good was quite excellent.

  2. D. West says

    I am so glad that he took Jennifer under his wing “early” in her career. She’s been looking flawless at red carpet events! I heard that Vogue shot her a couple of months ago…I would LOVE to see a REAL WOMAN grace those pages!

  3. Jade says

    I thought you hated what Jennifer Hudson wore to the Golden Globes. You said last week that it was a shapeless sack or something to that effect…

  4. TBF says

    Oh, I didn’t like the dress- much it is still 100000% percent better than that pink thing…. Let’s hope Andre can work wonders for the Oscars…. I’m hoping something white with an empire waist and fabulous diamonds…

  5. elizabeth says

    Try to catch Andre Leon Talley:  Stylemaker on the Style network—it gets replayed constantly and is a delightful half-hour glimpse into who he thinks are the brightest stars in the industry…it’s also nice to put a voice to his monthly column too!

  6. Mar says

    Did you see the trash that Jennifer Hudson wore to the Oscars.  So much for taste.  She looked like a Boeing 747.  It’s pretty obvious that Talley isn’t always correct in his choices.

  7. LaLa says

    I think Leon must be mad at Jennifer!  Why would he put her in THAT OUTFIT for The Oscars??? Shame on him.

    Jennifer should have been over-the-top glam, in something more elegant than BROWN – Ugh.  And, that stiff silver jacket looked just ridiculous.  I dropped my jaw and most times I tend to ignore commenting.  BUT, she HAD HELP!

    Sorry because it was a missed opportunity to be remembered for elegance.

    Jennifer was manipulated.

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