JCPenney Spring Designer Launch

What: JCPenney is highlighting its affordable spring fashions during commercial breaks at the Academy Awards on February 22nd. Designers Nicole Miller, Michel Bohbot, Kimmora Lee Simmons, and Allen B Schwartz will be spotlighted in the new ad campaign.

What We Say We’re loving the department store/designer collabs,and hope Allen B (of ABS fame) will put together some great evening wear looks for under $50. The maxi dresses were awesome, especially the one shown above by Allen B. and a crimson version by Bisou Bisou.  However, based on the styling we saw at the fashion show, some of the pieces were not as fashion forward as we would like them to be and looked a bit too basic, almost like stuff you can get at Old Navy. Kathryn was also confused by the hear gear on the models, which looked more like someone hastily wrapped a scarf around the model’s head and she would have liked to seen more options for those over 22 years of age. However, we applaud JC Penney for trying and we’re excited to see how it turns out. 

Kathryn at the JCPenney Spring Designer Launch (that is NOT her Bentley)

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