Shoptalk: Anastasia Brown, Country Music Super Producer and Judge USA Network’s Nashville Star

There’s nothing I like more than chatting with fun, interesting, intelligent women who also know how to shop, which is why my interview with Anastasia Brown, Country Music Super Producer and the “honest” judge on USA Network’s ‘Nashville Star”, was nothing but pure joy.

This woman has worked with EVERYONEJohn Travolta to Robin WIlliams and discovered Keith Urban (yep, that Keith Urban.. the one married to Nicole Kidman) and she writes a fashion column for Nashville Lifestyles.


And, if that wasn’t enough.. She’s also producing “Dallas” the movie, which, next to “Sex and the City Movie”, is the most I most want to see next year.

Also here’s a clip from her latest project, the movie August Rush, starring Rhys-Meyer, Kerri Russell and that kid from Willy Wonka.

Interview with Anastasia Brown

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