American Express ZYNC Card

What: American Express recently launched the ZYNC card, a new pay in full charge charge card aimed at 20-somethings, that allows you to add benefit “packs” to your card, including a “style pack” (described below), which  is just one of 10 different packs that include benefits and rewards in areas such as music, travel, dining and giving back to the community.

From Amex: If fashion is your thing, we have a new Style Pack. With it, you get:

  • A one-year subscription to Lucky Magazine
  • Access to exclusive sales
  • Enhanced Style Return Protection: If you bought new Jimmy Choos on final sale but they don’t fit, don’t sweat it. With ZYNC, American Express will take care of you and will even pay for shipping.
  • 2X Membership Rewards points at department stores and specialty retailer

What We Say: We’re not in the business of pushing credit cards on anyone, but you should look into the ZYNC card, especially if you’re a big online shopper. The return policy on those flash sale sites can be notoriously tricky and the ZYNC card gives you the piece of mind to shop without the worry of whether or not you’ll be able to return the item. This one benefit is well worth the $25 annual fee for the card (and the possible additional $25 for the benefit pack). The card also has enhanced features such as car rental loss and damage insurance (rent a car for 2 days and the card is paid for), 24/7 roadside assistance, and purchase protection. More importantly, we love that you’ll have to pay this card in full each month, reducing the risk of carrying a high revolving charge bill.

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