American Apparel Goes Budget Vintage – Watch Out Salvation Army and Goodwills

What: American Apparel recently launched California Select, a new concept store selling vintage clothing.  You can check them out at their retail stores (Los Angeles, Berlin, New York City, Calgary and Mexico City, with more coming to London, Brooklyn and Toronto) or shop their eBay store.

What They Say: “We’ve collected some of the great, unique, and inspirational styles and looks from all over the world to create a whole new way to shop for great vintage styles. And we have the finest almost- naked women to model them!” (okay we added the last sentence).

What Kathryn Says: While every time I see the head of American Apparel, and his borderline misogynistic ads, I feel dirty (and not in a good way), I do love this idea, especially since most of the items cost less than $20 and American Apparel is giving overpriced “vintage” shops (don’t think I don’t know who you are when you shop at the Jersey City Salvation Army, hmmm, ummm)  a true run for their money.

Source: Those wacky kids at Fashion