Amanda Bynes Designs Line for Steve & Barry’s

Penelope Cruz and her sister, yes her sister, are designing a line for Mango.

Even Prince, my Prince, has a fragrance line called “3121” ( I wonder if it smells like purple rain?)

Now Amanda Bynes, an actress known for being on Nickelodeon, playing Kelly Taylor’s sister on some CW tv show and playing a dude in some movie I had the great misfortune of watching on a cross country flight, is designing a line for Steve & Barry’s.

Why does the world need a clothing line by Amanda Bynes?  I can understand the logic behind the Sarah Jessica Parker clothing line, but Amanda Bynes? Did Steve & Barry send out an email to every publicists in town asking for every available celebrity?

The fact is the celebrity-budget-line trend is going to get much worst, before it gets better. Management teams (celebrities has teams of people who surround them, like any company) are looking for ways to expand their brand and make money off of the “image” of the celebrity. I have no problem with this at all, we all have to eat. But, just don’t try to spin a (sometimes) smart business move into some sort of philanthropic deed. And don’t do it while wearing $1500 dollar shoes in Glamor Magazine.

Kathryn’s List of Potential Celebrity Lines

No Secret by Britney Spears for Victoria’s Secret

HKS by Howard Stern for the Men’s Warehouse

Cruise Couch Collection by Tom Cruise for Ethan Allan

Starvation by Nicole Ritchie for Spanx


The question is when will this stop? Why is everyone jumping on the celebrity bandwagon? Is it consumers or the media (myself included) who’ve created the demand for these lines? Are we, as consumers, so obsessed with celebrities that we will buy anything that has the name of a celeb plastered on it, even if the quality is questionable? When can I get my own fashion line?

I must note that I haven’t seen Byne’s line (based on what happen with Bitten, I will be the last person on earth to see this line), so if it’s good, I’m more than willing to eat a heaping plate of crow.