Amanda Bynes Designs Line for Steve & Barry’s

Penelope Cruz and her sister, yes her sister, are designing a line for Mango.

Even Prince, my Prince, has a fragrance line called “3121” ( I wonder if it smells like purple rain?)

Now Amanda Bynes, an actress known for being on Nickelodeon, playing Kelly Taylor’s sister on some CW tv show and playing a dude in some movie I had the great misfortune of watching on a cross country flight, is designing a line for Steve & Barry’s.

Why does the world need a clothing line by Amanda Bynes?  I can understand the logic behind the Sarah Jessica Parker clothing line, but Amanda Bynes? Did Steve & Barry send out an email to every publicists in town asking for every available celebrity?

The fact is the celebrity-budget-line trend is going to get much worst, before it gets better. Management teams (celebrities has teams of people who surround them, like any company) are looking for ways to expand their brand and make money off of the “image” of the celebrity. I have no problem with this at all, we all have to eat. But, just don’t try to spin a (sometimes) smart business move into some sort of philanthropic deed. And don’t do it while wearing $1500 dollar shoes in Glamor Magazine.

Kathryn’s List of Potential Celebrity Lines

No Secret by Britney Spears for Victoria’s Secret

HKS by Howard Stern for the Men’s Warehouse

Cruise Couch Collection by Tom Cruise for Ethan Allan

Starvation by Nicole Ritchie for Spanx


The question is when will this stop? Why is everyone jumping on the celebrity bandwagon? Is it consumers or the media (myself included) who’ve created the demand for these lines? Are we, as consumers, so obsessed with celebrities that we will buy anything that has the name of a celeb plastered on it, even if the quality is questionable? When can I get my own fashion line?

I must note that I haven’t seen Byne’s line (based on what happen with Bitten, I will be the last person on earth to see this line), so if it’s good, I’m more than willing to eat a heaping plate of crow.

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  1. Megan says

    It’s Victoria’s Secret.  Not Victoria Secrets.

    Otherwise, I completely agree with this post.  I’m just waiting for Carrot Top to get his own line of watches with Omega…


  2. Olette says

    This post is hilarious! Starvation by Nicole Richie for Spanks…LOL! By the way I really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. says

    Haha I actually LOVE Amanda Bynes (And I didn’t at all before that CW TV Show … I don’t really wanna see the movie with her as a guy, though. … All very much too creepy for me…) but I don’t know about a clothing line by her.

    While I did like the way she put things together on the show, I wouldn’t really call her fashionable … at all. … Hmmm …

  4. anna says

    I don’t like the fact that with Bitten she turned
    it into giving back to the community. Shes getting money for it, nuff said.

  5. D. Lynn says

    What a refreshing and bold post for a fashion blog! I am glad someone is questioning why we need a celebrity to tell us whether something is stylish, fashionable or “cool”. I can almost hear the marketers chuckling about how “sheep-like” we all are. Attach a celebrity name to a product, and “Whammo!”, it’s an instant success. For a change it would be nice if regular people set the fashion trends rather than to have them dictated to us from on high.

    So many fashion purchases are advertiser driven, and with the name-recognition associated with being any kind of celebrity at all, celebrities are a natural pick for an ad campaign. That’s nothing new. But now they get to design the products they model and market too? I suppose the 21st Century ticket to success in the fashion industry is not to go to a design school and work your you know what off to get your toe/portfolio in the fashion-house door, but to become a actor or model, no matter how minor, encourage the Paparazzi to snap a zillion photos of you so that everyone assumes you are talented or famous, and then watch the design companies line up at your door as if to suggest you have a talent for anything other than appearing in celebrity gossip rags.

    Meanwhile, how many of us non-celebrity creative types or fashionistas would jump at the opportunity to see some of OUR design concepts picked up by a major company?

    I suspect that celebrity designers contribute few ideas to the final design, and that the products attributed to them are actually reworked by real designers until something resembling a market-worthy design results. As such, it’s probably safe to assume that established but non-celebrity in-house designers won’t earn any credit for their work because the person taking the creative credit is the celeb hired not just to sell the product but to take all the creative credit. That’s just not kosher if you ask me. A celeb-designer may contribute something small, maybe the color or pattern, but no matter how small their contribution the marketing geniuses can claim that the resulting creation is the brainchild of a celebrity. I’m sure some of the celebs really ARE that multi-talented (actress/model/artist), but for the majority I think there’s a lot of design “hand holding” that goes on behind the scenes. (Probably enough to give the real designers migraines.) So goes the wonderful world of fashion!

  6. KAJ says

    I don’t understand why the Bitten line is being slammed. The clothes, as debuted on Oprah were simle yet stulish pieces. For this to be a fashionista site I thought more people would see the brilliance of simple pieces that collectively make a CUTE outfit.

    Name one designer, high end or budget, who manufactures clothing made in airconditioned shops with well paid, full-benefits provided staff? Using children to drive the fashion line would be awful…but how awful is it for poor people to have a job that will provide th necessities ther families need.

    To the nay-sayers: get over yourself. An affordable line that embraces the gambit of body types and sizes is alright with me. Hell I am a well paid professional woman and I am EXCITED about a casual business suit that won’t break the bank! I LOVE it! Maybe SJP will produce a line for persons needing hefty price tag to pacify their low self-esteem.

  7. dee says

    I saw the SJP Bitten items on Oprah, Friday.  However, I cannot find a Steve and Barry Store in the Phila, Havertown area of Pennsylvania.

    How wonderful it would be, if I could try on the larger sizing of the Bitten Line, and actually be able to purchase a summer dress or two or three.  I’d also like some cotton slacks that fit. 

    I can’t purchase on line, because I don’t know what size I’d wear.  There is no standardize sizes in women’s clothing.

    The prices are right and if I could get a few years out of an outfit, I’d feel like I saved money.

    I don’t care why SJP designed this line.  I can’t get anything decent fitting at Target.  Lane Bryant items are high priced and have stripes going across my body….being a larger sized body that does not work.

    So is there a store in my area?  Why so secretive?

    My clothing is almost 20 years old and it’s showing it’s age.  Help would be appreciated.

    I don’t care if she’s making money off her line of clothing…she’s working for it.  I care if I can wear her items.  Celebrity or not…I need clothing.

  8. says

    Remember when Jacquelyn Smith (and Kathie Lee Gifford) had lines for K-Mart? Remember how those lines were teased and how the people who wore them were teased? It was considered a fashion faux pas to wear a celebrity’s budget line, but now it is acceptable. I am glad that is now acceptable, because I was one of those kids who were clowned for wearing the knockoffs and cheapie versions of trendy clothes.

    I’m also very thankful for disposable clothes whether it is Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker or the house designer at Wal-Mart or Abate for Payless Shoe Source or my local $10 stores. I like shopping for trends too much to pay more than $30 to own it. I like shopping too much in general to pay more than $20 per item. The most money I’ve ever spent on clothes was $200 for a black winter coat, $120 for a pair of black Timberland winter boots, and $150 for a suit.

    What bothers me is the sudden deluge of celebrity clothing lines & fragrance lines whether it be low-end or high-end. When Mary-Kate and Ashley did their whole Tween fashion and housewares line, it was a unique idea. Now it seems that nearly everyone is a triple threat—singer, actor, designer. Why not dance with the date that brought you?

  9. Julie says

    I love Amanda Bynes. I loved her before ‘What I Like About You’ where she played Kelly’s sister. For those not up to date with the whole nickelodeon thing, she still has a huge kiddie following. Her show ‘The Amanda Show’ is still running on the channel, ‘What I Like About You’ is still playing in daytime just in time for the kiddies to get home from school. But as a fashion designer? I think not. Shes a physical comedian and we’ve never seen her in anything dynamic. Shes quite boring actually when it comes to clothes.

  10. says

    A couch collection from Tom Cruise?! Why, because he [infamously] jumped on one once? Underwear from a passe singer who doesn’t wear any?

    My goodness. Give me an affordable line by a real designer any day, but enough on the celebs already. Thanks, TBF, for being the voice of reason.

  11. suz says

    Amanda Whoever makes more sense for a line/store that’s marketed at teens than SJP, really. When you were in high school, were you looking to 40-year-olds for your fashion inspiration? Maybe you watched Dynasty and wanted to look just like Linda Evans? Or if you’re older, you watched Three’s Company to see Mrs. Roper’s caftans, not the girls’ short-shorts?

    In any case this trend is going to continue as long as celebrity names provide visibility and sales to the merchandise. In other words, as long as the TBFs of the world cover the SJP line and the Stephon Marbury sneakers but not the rest of whatever Steve and Barry’s sells, or the latest visiting designer at Target but not the Mossimo house line, and as long as we as consumers are likely to look at and buy the clothes. If we ignore them, they’ll go away.

  12. Yvette says

    Regardless of who the celebrity is I dont care the clothing is affordable. Most people have big families and its pretty much just letting people afford more than they were able to. An outfit dont have to be expensive to look good. For that lady that said that she has a larger body and lane Bryant is too expensive. I know of a plus size store that they pretty much have a lot of good deals. Its called Torrid…I work for Torrid and we carry sizes from 12-26…Fabulous clothing with a fabulous fit. If you look in the clearance racks. Im sure you will find some great deals. That being said, I work at Steve and Barrys too and boy did the bitten line pick up traffic. Its bringing in money. So, if Amanda Bynes clothing line might help the stores and we help the families by the cheap prices. Who can complain? It all works for me! By the way, we also have the golfer clothing line by Bubba Watson, and we will be carrying even more artists/celebrities at Steve and Barrys in the future! Kudos to Steve and Barrys and Kudos to those who love affordable prices. You just get to buy more.

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