“Alpha Shoppers” Take Control

What: If you’ve never heard the term “alpha shopper,” you’re not alone. The term was recently coined by Lucky magazine to describe women ages 18 to 39 who are “tired of watching what they spend and, for the most part, don’t mind paying full price for the items they want.” According to a new survey of 2,000 shoppers, 14% of women fall into this “alpha shopper” category, while a total of 93% of those surveyed said they plan on buying new accessories this fall, and 78% said they still like to “splurge” despite whatever is happening with the economy.

What Stylist Says:
“The survey says that the ‘alpha shoppers’ think that $500 for a pair of shoes is reasonable, and luxury items by super high-end designers like Louis Vuitton are considered investment pieces.”

What We Say: Paying full price seems so passé at this point, that it’s actually surprising to hear that so many women are still willing to spend big on fashion. While we agree some items (like a good winter coat) is a good investment, that still doesn’t mean you have to pay full price to get them. Also it seems that these “alpha” shoppers assume that high prices = high quality, which we all know isn’t the case.

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  1. Shopsista says

    I agree with BF, I’m secretly coveting a pair of Guess Boots that are 198.00, which is reasonable, but I still won’t get them until they go on sale, and I mean at least 130 – 150.00.  And that’s still too much!

  2. elderberry says

    bless them for they are the ones that will keep our favorite retailers afloat. 
    But they do needs to be careful. I’ve noticed a few retailers are letting quality slip a little.  That is a bad move and will wreck their good names before the economy can.  Most retailers are cutting back on packaging, staff and services.
    One major thing that we as consumers do to help out our favorite stores is to not abuse the return policy.  If you take something home for a month and then return it… that was a month that merchandise was in your closet and the store couldn’t sell it to someone who wanted/needed it.

  3. Emma McDonnell says

    CRazy, it the world we live in today and saving is a good saving and as soon as you walk out the value has gone down, there would be more investment in buying vintage pieces.

  4. Katie says

    What?!? Have these people ever heard of TJ Maxx or Marshalls? Burlington Coat Factory? I’ve found a lot of “investment” pieces by high end designers at a fraction of the price. The commercials don’t lie people. Go to these stores and your lives will be changed forever. You will have incredibly nice, classy, long lasting clothes and money left over for the utilities.

  5. Facebook user says

    Over the years I have gained key pieces to my wardrobe from places like TK Maxx and online budget sites like Brand Alley and Ebay and they are all classics bought at low cost but have high value to me. We liv in a world where we all want nice things but do we really have to spend a lot of money to get them, the answer for me is not at all!

  6. Rocki White says

    These so called Alpha shopper is a very small percentage of all woman shoppers, and are probably able to spend full or higher prices than most of us. They’re ability to shop for expensive items is probably a form of rebellion against a general trend of saving & spending less. I almost admire them for that if this a form of rebellion.

  7. Lori says

    I agree only a fool pays full price.Way too many good stores now days to over pay for anything.You gotta love those $30,000 millionaires though, over paying for anything is never in style.

  8. Ariana says

    I have to agree. I imagine the point of the term ‘alpha shoppers’ is to somewhat incite others to adopt this feeling and too throw caution and hundred dollar bills to the wind!

    Sorry not buying it. As another said it is a very small percentage and I just think of said women as foolish. It is often the women who spend such high amounts who consider being fashionable merely covering their bodies with as much designer items as possible.

    I’m more than content to spend a little, get a lot, and have enough to buy some more.

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