Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number: What Allure’s Anti-Aging Survey Reveals

The culture we live in is pretty contradictory.  On one hand, you’ve got 43 year old Latina hotties frolicking with babies (and by that we mean J.Lo’s twins and her youthful boyfriend who’s barely touched his mid-twenties), but we’re also one Groupon deal away from 60% off Botox injections.  Sure, we claim that 30 is the new 20, that 40 the new 30, and so on, but are we any more progressive in our beliefs about anti-aging?  Allure polled over 2,000 people, and the results of their first-ever survey on aging are pretty surprising. 31 is the perfect age: Across the board, respondents said they’d be 31 if they could pick an age.  Women believed they were most beautiful at 31.  Men responded that a woman is most beautiful at 29. George Clooney and Meryl Streep are like fine wines: The two were considered favorite role models of those who have aged gracefully. The pressure is on for women: A whopping 91% of women claimed they feel more pressure to look young than men. 56% of women worried about how aging affects their looks, whereas only 34% of men worried about aging physical traits. African-American women aren’t as worried about aging:  In general, African-American women (64%) were less worried about the physical signs of aging. 81% responded that they looked younger than other women their age, and 65% said they wouldn’t get anti-aging procedures. Going under is just a doctor’s visit away: Only 18% of men said they would consider anti-aging procedures or plastic surgery.  42% of Allure’s female respondents said they’d consider those procedures.   Surprised by Allure’s results?  Chime in below.

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  1. Taylor says

    It’s interesting how African-American women seem the least concerned with aging. I wonder how other ethnic groups fare.

  2. says

    I can definitely attest to the sentiment concerning not being incredibly perturbed about aging. I’m almost thirty and genetics has been good to me thus far. Only time will tell whether or not my optimism is premature. lol

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