All Surface Sweeper: Green Home

How many of you Budget Ecoist readers recognize this slim line sweeper from your Grandmother’s hall closet? Well, move over Hoover, cleaning green means no more big sucking. The All Surface Sweepers are making a comeback and whether you prefer the Bissell or the Euro Pro Shark, they all retail for under thirty bucks. We went for the smaller brand, Casabella, which offers a cord-free brush and roller style dirt-getting experience for a mere $19. The all surface quicker picker upper is in the green spotlight because it requires no electricity, thus freeing you from purchasing those carbon credits after your big house clean.

If Granny ever let you take a turn with the sweeper, then you know that it’s diminutive stature allows it to roll right under your couch and pick up those nasty fur balls. Its lack of heft allows you to flip the sweeper around like a cleaning ninja and the retro style just makes you look cool. Ideal for hardwoods and rugs, this makes space sense as well.

So instead of lusting over that bright yellow Dyson, (that you would have to put on layaway to afford anyway) grab a stick sweeper and feel a sense of accomplishment by pushing the dirt away. Then go out and see if you can’t find a Swanson dinner with aluminum tray and kick back and watch your ‘stories,’ just like Grandma used to do.

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