All Sewn Up: Go Green

Did you hear? Sewing isn’t just for 4-Hers anymore. This back to the roots activity is taking hold in the biggest and smallest cities around the U.S. of A. Even if you’re not a reality show contender, you too can turn a bolt of material (purchased, or found on your mom’s dining room table) into a unique addition to your wardrobe, wall or anywhere fabric makes things fabulous.

What? You don’t have a workshop in your home? Never fear as many shops, organizations and groups of people looking to share a machine and a bobbin are opening their doors and making things easier than setting up a sewing room in your kitchen.

Our favorite find is the Home Ec series by boutique clothing store, Flirt Brooklyn. Local experts will teach you the basics whether you want to whip up an a-line skirt or a summer hat. But if you already know what you want in the workroom, grab your patterns and sign up for the open studio on Tuesday nights where they provide everything from the sewing machine to the seam ripper. For $10 an hour (billed in half –hour increments) you can burn up that Kenmore building your recycled wardrobe. (If the last pattern store in your neck of the woods closed back in the 1990s, check out the Curiosity Shoppe. You can stop by if you’re in the Bay Area, or just order some cool patterns online to get some inspiration for your home spun duds.)

So if you are looking to update your wardrobe, avert your eyes as the fall fashions begin flashing you in the shop windows. Instead, look in your closet and see what you can’t make out of last season’s tent dress. Your pocket book and the landfills will thank you. Well, maybe not your pocketbook, it can be quite the ingrate.

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