Alice in Wonderland Makeup

What: Move over Twilight. Tim Burton’s up-and-coming flick Alice in Wonderland might be responsible for the latest makeup craze. Macy’s, Sephora, and Ulta will soon feature a makeup palate by Urban Decay, including colors like “White Rabbit” and “Alice” (blue) and even travel-size eye pencils. However, at a steep $52, buyers will have to be pretty crazy for these crazy colors. Cheaper fans of the film’s gothic style can look forward to $8.50 nail lacquers by OPI, which will be available this month at JC Penney’s, Dillard’s, Ulta, and other stores. In other news, Stella McCartney will also be designing Alice in Wonderland jewelry.

What They Say:

“Everybody wants to be somebody. If they like an actor or actress, they can associate a nail lacquer with their character, and it gets them closer,” Suzi Weiss-Fleischmann, OPI executive vice president and creative director said. “These collaborations draw the consumer more and more to a movie and a [nail lacquer] color.”

What We Say: If Alice in Wonderland dethrones Twilight as the next go-to movie for beauty inspiration, we’ll be thrilled. After all, a classic Disney movie is way more interesting and timeless than an angsty vampire romance. Your thoughts?