Aldo’s New Nail Polish Line

What: We hear that Aldo, the sassy, edgy shoe brand of so-so quality is branching out into the beauty industry. Now you can get matching nail polish with those hot new shoes you just purchased.

According to InStyle UK: Aldo has a 14 color range nail polish line with cool colors from royal blue ‘Sea You In Ibiza’ to neon orange ‘Juicy gossip’. The UK price for the line will be around $6 USD.

What We Say: Ummm, ok. It’s not the craziest fashion/beauty thing we’ve ever heard of (no that goes to Dina Lohan, aka Lindsay’s mama, shoe line). However if they really wanted to push the envelope they would offer pedicures, cause let’s face it, some of us really need a good pedi right now.

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