Alber Elbaz is my Baby’s Daddy

While being interviewed by a national women’s magazine, I was asked the question, “If money was no option, what designer would you buy?”  Hands down my favorite design house (next to dear Chanel), is Lanvin. Revived by the amazing designs of Alber Elbaz ( a.k.a. my baby’s daddy), the French design house was started in the early 20th century by Jeanne Lanvin. While Coco was busy hooking sisters up with comfortable—yet supremely chic—jersey knits, Lanvin was combining net, lace, sequins, and global influences to create a design that was both functional and feminine. She lead her company for over a half century and in the process creating a classic, albeit under-appreciated, fashion house.

There is absolutely nothing budget about this Lanvin—most of the items cost more than my first semester of college. But wait, if Alber Elbaz is my baby’s daddy maybe I could get a dress or two instead of paternity payments . . . 

View the entire collection at

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