Say No to Getting High

Sigh.  I love heels (who knew?), so this is hard to say.  Really hard.  But too high is too high.  Heels are still OK, but pass on the ridiculously sky-high ones that have the potential to put our image and our ankles on shaky ground.

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Vaneli Rickie, $87.99 from Zappos

That’s Pretty Graphic

Skip the Kool-Aid Man graphic, crude wording and sloppy top designs and opt for toned-down patterns.  Wear abstract styles or other fun looks that turn heads for all the right reasons.

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Calvin Klein Cowl Neck Print Top, $39.50 from Nordstrom

Be Kind to Animals

Puppies and kittens are adorable, I don’t care how old you are.  But declaring your fondness with a feline-embroidered knapsack (at work) takes us from cute to kitschy (bad kinda kitschy) in a heartbeat.  Goodbye, Hello Kitty.  Embrace that animal instinct with subtly.  It’s the Year of the Snake, so why not pay homage to phyton-esque textures?

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Michael Kors Belt, Snakeskin Double Prong, $65.00 from Macy’s

Pretty in Punk (ish)

Ditch the spikes and bad-ass edge.  We’re grown, not Goth.  Trade it for something that maintains an air of fierceness without looking like tough gal Abby on NCIS.

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GUESS Earrings, Silver-Tone Glass Crystal Spike Drop Earrings, was $25.00, now $12.49 from Macy’s

What do you think?  Is a woman ever too old to wear something?