Age-Appropriate Fashion Suggestions: Because Yes, There is Such a Thing as Being “Too Old” to Wear Something

Say No to Getting High

Sigh.  I love heels (who knew?), so this is hard to say.  Really hard.  But too high is too high.  Heels are still OK, but pass on the ridiculously sky-high ones that have the potential to put our image and our ankles on shaky ground.

That’s Pretty Graphic

Skip the Kool-Aid Man graphic, crude wording and sloppy top designs and opt for toned-down patterns.  Wear abstract styles or other fun looks that turn heads for all the right reasons.

Be Kind to Animals

Puppies and kittens are adorable, I don’t care how old you are.  But declaring your fondness with a feline-embroidered knapsack (at work) takes us from cute to kitschy (bad kinda kitschy) in a heartbeat.  Goodbye, Hello Kitty.  Embrace that animal instinct with subtly.  It’s the Year of the Snake, so why not pay homage to phyton-esque textures?

Pretty in Punk (ish)

Ditch the spikes and bad-ass edge.  We’re grown, not Goth.  Trade it for something that maintains an air of fierceness without looking like tough gal Abby on NCIS.

Go here for more tips on being fashionable after 60.

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  1. says

    I’m an older blogger and I absolutely agree that those of us on that demographic have to think very carefully about what looks good on our bodies and at our age.  That doesn’t mean we have to give up OR resort to shapeless apparel and flat shoes.  Your comments are another important step in helping us all avoid the pitfalls put in our place by the retail universe and look our very best.

  2. Soniabld72 says

    I don’t agree. I mean the whole Baby Phat logo was feline based and it was cute. JLo looked fantastic in her dress. I say if it makes you feel good and you look good in it rock it! Just because you’re 38 or 40 as I am doesn’t mean I now am relegated to sturdy heels and a pill box hat. I’ll save that for my retirement years thank you.

  3. fashionfive0 says

    Absolutely. If you have baggy knees, either wear tights or skip the microminis. If your cleavage is age-spotted, wear something slim-cut but without showing skin. And if your tween daughter bought it at Forever 21, just don’t go there. We can look great (and often have the income to buy nicer pieces) without having to try to look like a teenager.

  4. says

    On one hand, I think too many older women use their age as an excuse to dress dowdy. That’s just wrong. You can still wear clothes that fit you and flatter you. On the other hand, there are too many older women who are so afraid of getting old that they dress too young. That’s wrong too. Basically, the older you get, the fewer gimmicks in your clothes. But they should still fit you and flatter you.

    • stoptheagepolice says

      It’s not about age, it’s about style. Grown women of every age should not be wearing anything gimmicky on a daily, work-a-day basis. Also, older women are not the only ones with body flaws. Every 20-year-old does not have a perfect figure and every 40-year-old is not a fat, wrinkled mass. That’s why this age crap is stupid.

  5. stoptheagepolice says

    There are no age-inappropriate clothing, only age-inappropriate style. Dressing like a six year old, a teenager or a sex worker when you’re an adult woman is inappropriate. Clothes items are not age-stamped. It depends on who is wearing what and how.

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