Another Affordable Missoni Collection?

Who can forget the digital madness that erupted when Missoni launched their budget line for Target?  Target’s website crashed, and demand was so high that a woman in Tulsa tried selling her Missoni boots on ebay for 30K!  Yikes!

Well, word on the street is that the Missoni gals are at it again and looking for another affordable collaboration, possibly with Macy’s.  “We have a lot of options because everyone is interested, but it has to be something that touches different categories.  The fact that you can put a zigzag on anything was part of the success at Target.  People who wouldn’t wear a top would have a glass or blanket,” said Margherita Missoni.

While the new line won’t be as cheap as the Target one, the good news is that Missoni is thinking beyond the US and hopes to launch in Europe as well.

Are you excited about a possible new Missoni collection?


  1. says

    Absolutely! I loved the Missoni one, and got several pieces from it, so I would be thrilled if I had a chance to get Missoni for such good prices again!

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